Pesarutu(Green-moong dal dosa)

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Pesarutu(Green-moong dal dosa)

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This is same like our regular udad dal dosa but
difference is that it is more healthy,taste also yummy.
Here ingredients

1 cup   green-moong dal
2 cups rice
salt to taste
chopped onion for stuffing on dosa
oil for making dosa

water to sprinkle on tawa

Soak moong dal and rice atleast 6 hrs.

Make a smooth paste n add salt,no need to keep
overnight for fermenation just keep for 1 hr.

Heat tawa,sprinkle water and wipe it with a cloth.
Then spread one spoon of dosa on tawa.

After some time pour oil all over dosa and chopped

Now wait till it turns golden colour and crispier,now
fold it like a dosa.

Its ready to serve.

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