Crispy Rava Dosa Hotel Style I My Friend Sandhia Recipe I roshnsicuisine

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Crispy Rava Dosa Hotel Style I My Friend Sandhia Recipe I roshnsicuisine


You can watch the video recipe in Hindi here

You can watch the video recipe in Odia here

Rava Dosa…this one I learnt from my friend Sandhia. She visited my home in morning time and just in chit chat I asked her whats special today and she told rava dosa. From discussion I got to know its like hotel style as her in-laws are in praise of her rava dosa…so took the recipe details. I got so tempted by the recipe explanation on the next day itself I prepared this for breakfast n all liked it so much.So this yummy recipe is dedicated to my friend Sandhia…

Atually friends when she visited my home I prepared jowar roti and she liked it so much she prepared  this for dinner n I prepared her recipe for breakfast…what a yummy coincidence. Previously also I uploaded rava dosa recipe , this one different proportion. The initial one is crispy n little thick and this
one is thin n crispy.

Here I mix the dosa mix in a big bowl…which I got as a lottery gift from kitty party held in my friend Sonia home…that time only I thought to use this for my recording. As rava dosa batter is think like neer dosa so ample amount of water needed and this bowl is perfect use. Thanks Sonia dear for this useful gift. So lets get started…

Preparation Time  10 min
Cooking Time  2 min per dosa
Serving Persons  4 to 6

Ingredients Required

2 cups sooji rava

1/2 cup rice flour

1/4 cup maida

3 green chili siltted

15 to 20 curry leaves

1/4 tsp black pepper powder

1/2 tsp cumin seeds

1/2 tsp carom seeds

1 medium onion chopped

1/2 cup chopped spring onion

Salt to taste

OIL to make dosa

Water to make thin batter


In a deep vessel take sooji, rice flour n maida.
Add little water and whisk it properly so that there is no lumps.
Then add green chili n rub it to give the flavour , after that discard the green  chili.
Add rest things to this except oil and water, mix it well.
Now add ample amount of water , it should be water consistency like neer  dosa.
Rest the batter for 10 to 15 min so that sooji is swollen up and batter little thickens.
Now heat tava and spread oil all over.
In high flame pour dosa batter and spread it…
Sprinkle chopped onion n spring onion on dosa.
After some time reduce the flame to low.
Let it cook till it turns into golden colour and crispy.
After sometime it leaves from all sides.
Carefully insert the spatula and remove to dosa…
Serve hot with chutney.


I rub the green chili so that the flavour is mixed with batter and then I discard the chili as I have added spring onion,curry leaves so sometimes chili also taken if not visible properly and it just ruins the taste.
You can add onion n on this pour the rava dosa batter but I  have shown here how my friend is preparing this one.
I added spring onion on dosa as its my hubby favt…
The batter should be thin like watery type…initially when you pour the batter it is so thin.
But later when it is cooked in low flame then it turns to crispy n golden colour.
Cook the dosa in low flame only as sooji cooked faster and to make it crispy you have to make the flame low.
When you pour the batter on tava ,the flame should be high.
After mixing the batter mix,soak the sooji n flour for 15 min so that sooji is little swollen up.

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