Aloo Cheese Naan  recipe I No Oven , No Tandoor Naan I roshniscuisine

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Aloo Cheese Naan  recipe I No Oven , No Tandoor Naan I roshniscuisine

You can watch the video recipe in Hindi here

You can watch the video recipe in Odia here

Generally I prepare Aloo Naan…and for my son always I remove the aloo masala without adding any spice masala…but in hurry I forgot to remove for him .But he likes cheese naan so I thought why not mix these two and give a try…and you wanna to know what my son Saatvik told…Mumma it is spicy but it is tasty.I got a happy relief,so thought why not share with my lovely viewers who wanna something new for kids without compromising with food values. So in this way no need to worry for making extra or remove some before adding spice for kids everytime and kids also happily eat this.Lets get started…

You can watch the video recipe of Tandoori Naan where I explained detail about the naan dough preparation…the link is given below (traditional method) (Easy Way in Hindi) (Easy Way in Odia)

Preparation Time 10 min
Cooking Time  2to 3 min per naan
Serving Persons 3 to 4
Ingredients Required
Naan Dough (2 cups of maida)

Maida for rolling the naan

Aloo Masala(2 medium potaotes n one med onion)

1 cup Precessed Cheese

1 tbsp sesame seeds

Butter for coating on naan

Chopped coriander leaves for garnishing


Take a big lemon size dumpling,dust iwht dry flour and roll it.
Place a big spoon full of stuffing at the center and seal it from all sides.
Now take out the extra part…and fix it.
Turn this part down and roll it with light hands so that the stuffing will not come out.
Heat the tava…n place the naan in high flame.
Wait till you get little bubbles on naan,turn it and let it cook from other side.
Apply oil onn both sides and sprinkle some sesame seeds to get a crunch effect.
Then place the naan on roti holder and move it in circle wise so that it will get charcoal or tandoori flavour.
Turn it and repeat the process from other side too.
Spread butter on both sides and garnish with chopped coriander leaves.
Serve hot with cool cool raita….


I prepare the aloo masala by sauté onion,gg paste with aloo…you can prepare with simple boiled aloo n add spice masala too or add some veggies also.
Roll the naan dough little thick…
We prefer little chunks of aloo in the stuffing part so that when we roll the naan we get some patches of aloo in naan…if you like you can fully mash the aloo too.
By adding little sesame seeds it gives little crunch to the naan.
Remove the extra dough after sealing the stuffing part…so that you will not feel dry or no stuffing.

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