Anti Gravity Cake I Janmashtami Special I Saatvik Bday I roshnsicuisine

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Anti Gravity Cake I Janmashtami Special I Saatvik Bday I roshnsicuisine

You can watch the video recipe in Hindi here

You can watch the video recipe in Odia here


This is a dream come true to make this cake for my Son Saatvik Bday…the cake looks like the candies and chocolates falling from packets and flowing…the colourful combo of candies just an eye catching for all specially for the kids.

As Janmashtami is coming up…this cake is just perfect for our Kanhaiya Laal…his bady is coming so cake toh banta hai.And coincidentally Saatvik meaning also Lord Krishna…so just perfect to upload his bday cake for Janmashtami Special.

As we are staying in Jakarat,eggless cake is little difficult to available…then for bday means some theme some decoration…so start making cakes for my two kids bday.When I made Barbie Cake for my daughter Sarthika bday so many friends asking me to do video…so this time thought to make a video on this also…so lets get started.Some part of decoration my daughter also did…as her vacation is going on.

Here I have used Chocolate cake…the link I am providing here. Infact this  chocolate video is baked by my daughter
Preparation Time 10 min(Cake is prepared before)
Decoration Time 2 hours
Serving Persons 15 to 20


2 eggless chocolate cakes
1 litre whipping cream
1 cup chocolate ganache
2 packes f M & M Chocolate(45 gm each)
6 packets of Chacha Chocolate(60 gm each)
7 packets of Maltitos(40 gm each)
1 packet Astor Wafer Chocolates (150 gm)
2 tbsp of powdered sugar
100gm dark chocolate bar


Now  take 2/3 cup of heavy cream and boil it little.
Add 1/3 cup of chopped dark cholate and mix it with hot cream,at last add butter.
Your choclate ganache is ready.
Now whip the cream using a whisker…initially it is liquid,then comes to semi thick and then thick consistency…
You can check this by taking a small potion of whipping cream in whipper,if it is not falling down…then it is done.
Add powdered sugar and whisk it a little…whipping cream is ready.
Cut the dark choclate bar into small pieces and melt it using double boiler method,keep aside.
Now place one choclate cake on cake board, and cut horizontally by rotating the cake…so that it cuts evenly.
Lift the upper part by using one spatula and knife.
Apply whipping cream on the lower cake…spread evenly.
Now place the other side of cake…repeat this for one more cake…in this way we get four layers.
Now add the melted chocolate to whipping cream and choco frosting is ready.
Apply the choco frosting on the upper most and on the sides of cake…spread evenly.
Stick the astor choco rolls on the sides of cake…leaving the front part as we will make the flow.
In this you can involve your kids also…they will do it with more excitement.
Apply choc frosting on the frot part of cake also.
Now take tow chop sticks,appy choclate ganache on this and insert at two sides of cake.
Make a mark on middle of cake by using knife so that we can get idea where to put what candies…as I am using two types.
So on the left side I have used Maltitos chocolate…place it on the choco frosting only…
Start from the mark,so that we can get a border.
Apply the choc frosting on the front part of cake board also.
When to fix on the stick,just dip the choclate ball in cholate ganche and fix…after making one layer,wait for some time so that the choclate ganache dries little and firm.
At the end I have use dboth choclate ganche and melted cholate to get more farm.
Leave the upper part of stick.
In this way,fill the other side with M & M and Chacha Chocolate.

Now take the Maltitos Chocolate Packet and fll this with tissue paper and apply some chocolate ganache at the cutting area and place this on the left part of stick so that it is easily get attached.
Do this for M & M chocolate packet also.
Now it looks like chocolates a re falling from packets and flowing…kids a re so excited to see this.
Chill in the fridge to make so that the chocolates are well fixed…Enjoy


When you fix the candies on the stick,make sure that stick 3 to 4 and wait for some time so that the choclate ganche is dry and the candies are well fixed.
I dint get M & M choclate much…so I use Chacha Cholates which looks similar to this.
You can use straw,sauté stick also to fix the candies.
I have used cheese cake moulds for baking choclate cakes as no need to use butter paper and cake is easily demoulded.
You can use silicon mould also…and if you using aluminium mould use butter paper.
The cake should be done day before as sometimes decoration,frosting take time.
The cake should be completely cool down before applying whipping cream.
After cutting the cake into two slices,lift the cake with knife and spatula…otherwise there is chance of breakage.
If there is crack on cake or cake is broken due to some reason,keep these part in the middle and fill it with whipping cream.
Before whipping,the whisker,bowl should be chilled in fridzer atleast for 30 min.
After whipping cream done,keep in the fridge if not used as it starts melting and liquid in texture.
If melted cholate or choclate ganche turn thick,just  heat it little, it starts melting.
The choc fosting colour depends upon the amout of melted choclate you added to whipping cream,the more added the more darker colour you get.
Place cake little behinda s we have to apply choc fristing at the front part of cake board to get the flow.

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