Appam(Kerla Dish)

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Appam(Kerla Dish)

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A new receipe for most awaiting viewers n all…

sorry for delaying it

This one a kerla receipe combination of idly and dosa,the middle one is in the form of idly and side is in the form of dosa…u can take both taste of idly n dosa in one item…


2 cups rice

1/2 cup grated coconut

1 tsp of yeast

salt to taste

oil to make appam

and one heavy bottom kadai with cover


Soak rice for 4 hrs.

Then grind it with coconut and warm water.The batter is medium thick in consistency.

Warm water added so that when you add yeast it will easy to ferment.

Now add lukewarm water to yeast and add this yeast mixture to the batter.

Now keep in a warm place for ferment overnight.

The batter is multiply in volume.Add salt to this now.

Now take a heavy bottom kadai n put some oil.

Take one spoon of batter,pour in the center of kadai n roll the kadai so that the batter will spread around it and rest of batter flows down to center as shown in picture.

Remember when u put batter the kadai should not be in high temp otherwise batter will not spread.

Now cover it n make temp low,after 1 min u can remove it from kadai.

Have with any coconut gravy…i like it as it is…




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