Bajre ka Rotla I My Friend Hiral Recipe I Easy Way of making Bajra Roti I roshniscuisine

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Bajre ka Rotla I My Friend Hiral Recipe I Easy Way of making Bajra Roti I roshniscuisine

52489226_2078792562175228_3868379874167095296_nYou can watch the video recipe in Hindi here

You can watch the video recipe in Odia here

So today friends I will show you how you easily prepare bajre ka Rotla in home…simply how you make regular roti. This recipe I got to know from my friend Hiral…so this recipe is dedicated to her. We are podium frndz, everyday eveing chit chat when kids are playing. So just casually I asked her what is in dinner menu so she told Jowar ka rotla…I asked how you prepare and she told the easy process. So soon I prepared this and everyone likes it. Generally this rotlas are prepared by pressing with hands or with the help of a plastic…for a beginner it s little difficult. So I follow this process and in this way we can easily have healthy rotla(as Bajra,Jowar are gluten free) in home . This one tastes yumm with dollap of ghee and jiggery . Some masaledar dishes also well goes with this like chole, paneer masala,aloo masala and in our home today chole is in menu.

I usually prepare Jowar ka rotla but on that day its not available in Indian grocery shop so I picked Bajre ka atta. Just for confirmation I asked Hiral whether its possible to prepare with the same process and she confirmed yes. So lets get started

Preparation Time 10 min
Cooking Time
Serving Persons 4


2 cups bajra atta

1 cup wheat flour (atta)

Warm water

Ghee to apply on rotla

dry flour for rolling the rotla

Salt to taste


Add wheat flour n salt to bajre flour , and mix it well.
Now add hot water and mix with spoon as it is hot.
After some time knead atta with hands and prepare a soft dough.
Rest the dough for some time.
Take a big lemon size dumpling , tap it with some dry flour.
Roll it carefully with light hand and make a thick rotla.
Heat the tava and place the rotla on this in high flame only.
When it cooks little from downside,flip it and let it cook from other side fully.
Rotate it so that it is evenly cooked.
Now remove from hot tava and place it on roti holder (keeping the less cooked side down)
Bake it in high flame ,it starts puffed up.
Apply ghee and serve hot with chole and jiggery.


You can prepare with jowar atta also.
Always use hot water to knead the atta.
Carefully roll the rotla, otherwise it will break
The rotla should be little thick comaring to regular roti, otherwise it is difficult to lift.
I bake the rotla on roti holder how we do the regular roti, but my friend Hiral do the process of sprinkling water…I feel this method is easy for beginners like baking on roti holder, so I have shown this process.



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