Cheese Sandwich

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Cheese Sandwich

One more dish prepared my husband

Suddenly you found  you are out of cooking gas but want to prepare any food without using gas or oven etc… surely this dish helps you n it taste yummy also

u can take this while going for a trip…

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2 slices of bread cut from sides

15 thin slices of cucumber

5 thin slices of onion

5 thin slices of tomato

1/4 tsp of black-pepper powder

1/8 tsp of black salt

2 tsp cooking cheese grated

salt to taste

tomato ketch-up


Take one slice of bread, first arrange cucumber slices , then onion ,then tomato as shown in pic.

Now sprinkle all spices over this.

Spread grated cooking cheese on it. Cover with another slice of bread.

Have this with tomato ketch-up.




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