Chichinda/Padval Sabji(Snake-gourd Curry)

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Chichinda/Padval Sabji(Snake-gourd Curry)

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This curry takes little oil, no spices so good for health.

Well goes with roti. So who are in dieting u can prepare this one.


2 Padvals

1/8 cup fried moong dal

15 peanuts

2 green chillies

1/4 tsp mustard seeds

1 whole red chilly broken

1/4 cup water

salt to taste


Peel the parvals.

Slit it and remove the seeds.

Cut into small size

In pressure-cooker heat oil,add mustard seeds and red chilly.

When mustard seeds start crackle add moong dal and peanut,stir for 30 sec.

Then add parval pieces,green chillies and salt,stir for 1-2 min.

Now add water and cover the lid.

Wait for two sities, immediately remove cover.

Serve this with garma-garam roti.

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