Choclate Bowl with fruit custard

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Choclate Bowl with fruit custard

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For Choclate Bowl

1 pkt of small baloons
Dark Cholate Bar
Aluminium Foil

For Fruit Custard

2 cups milk
2 tbsp custard powder
Sugar to taste
Chopped fruits( used papaya, banana, apple, grapes etc)

Blow baloons n tie it.

Now break choclate bar into pieces.Keep these choclate pieces in the bowl.

Boil water in a big vessel n keep the choclate bowl inside the big vessel…the bowl should be of small size comparing to vessel n little dip.

Now stir it, slowly choclate start melting.

Now take a flat plate n keep a bigger size of aluminium foil on it.

Now take 2 tsp of meltibg choclate n keep on the plate make a circle.

Take a baloon n keep the bottom part of baloon in the choclate bowl so that choclate ciated around the baloon n form a bowl shape.

Keep the baloon on circle choco part of aluminium foil.

Make for rest baloons.

It depends how big choclate bar u take…that many choclate bowls u can prepare.

Now  keep the plate inside freeze for 1 hr to set choclate.

Bring out plate after 1 hr n blow out baloons by using a knife or pin.

The baloon part slowly come into tge center of choclate bowl.

Remove it n now u can keep these choclate bowls in freeze or freezer.

For custard, boil the milk.

Now mix custard powder with water n pour this mixture to the boiling milk n stir continuously so that no lumps formed.

Add the sugar to this n make it cool down n store in the freeze.

Cut fruits n mix with the custatd.

When wanna to eat take fruit custard in the bowl n eat the bowl also ha ha ha…my daughter likes it so much…

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