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Colorful Paratha…


This one I hv prepared as for normal breakfast…but when My husband looked n tasted paratha…he told to click acpic of this it tastes yummy n lookwise  too

So I don’t have all stepwise pics from beginning…actually this paratha idea also he gv me day before night n its a hit in our home

Preparation Time 15 min
Cooking Time       30 min
Serving Persons     3


For Dough

2 cups wheat flour
2 cups spinach leaves
1/2 tsp carrom  seeds
1 tbsp oil
Salt to taste
Water to make dough

Oil to make dumplings out of dough
Dry wheat flour to roll paratha

For Stuffing

4 med boiled potatoes
2 med beetroot grated
2 med onion chopped
2 green chilli chopped
1 tsp ginger garlic paste
1 tsp oil
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
1/2 tsp red chilli powder
1 tsp garam Masala
1 tbsp lemon juice
Salt to taste

Oil n butter tycoon paratha

For Raita

2 cup curd
1/2 tsp cumin red chilli flakes
Salt to taste



For Dough

Remove spinach leaves from stem n chop it.

Now add this to wheat flour with other ingredients  except water n mix well so that water release from spinach leaves.

Finally add lil water to the flour…to make semi soft dough.

Rest it at least for 10 min.


For Stuffing

Peel n mash the potatoes…I hv not mashed fully n kept lil chunks of it to gv a bite to paratha.

Now add grated beetroot to this.

Heat oil n add chopped onion with gg paste.

Salute for 2min…now add all spices n beetroot with aloo.

Mix well n keep it cool down.


For Raita

Meanwhile whisk curd n add salt to tjis.

Sprinkle cumin n red chilli flakes to this.

For better result keep inside freeze n serve this one chilled with hot paratha.

For making Paratha

Take oil oil in Palm n make dumplings out of the dough.

Tap with dry flour n roll it 3 inch diameter circle.

Put 2 tbsp of stuffing in center n seal it from all sides.

Again dust with dry flour n roll it ill thick.

Heat the rawa n cook it…from both sides till it little crispy n baked properly.

Spread oil n flip from both sides.

Finally spread butter to this.

Keep a tsp of butter in center n serve hot with chilled Raita….

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