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Crispy Oats Dosa


My son Saatvik loves to eat oats…so generally I made kheer out of that…simple one

But when his taste bud increases he slowly started disliking it…so as a result a good stock of oats we HV left

So decided to make a variation out of this as it is very healthy…Dosa in our home eveyone love to HV…so thought to make a healthy Dosa out of this but no compromise in taste

When my daughter was having this Dosa she could not know it has oats…when I told her she just abt to get up from chair n leave the food but as it is tasty she willingly sat n had it happily

But still in between asking mumma where is oats in Dosa in the center so that she can remove it but I told her it is grinded n mixed so Rach part has oats ha ha ha

Now coming to recipe part…

Soaking Time        4hrs
Preparation Time 10min
Cooking Time          5min


1/2 cup udad daal
1/2 cup dosa rice
2 cups oats
1tsp fenugreek seeds
Salt to taste

Oil to make Dosa



Soak udad daal,rice n fenugreek seeds all together for 4 hrs.

Soak the oats for 10min.

Grind all these to a smooth paste n add salt.Mix well.No need to ferment it…


Now heat tawa n sprinkle water…when it evaporates take a laddle full of batter


n spread it with the flatten part of laddle n make a circle like Dosa as shown in pic.


Spread oil over Dosa n cook it till it turns to golden brown colour.



Remove it from tawa using spatula n serve hot with chutney…



When u put batter on tawa remove tawa from flame n put…otherwise it sticks om tawa n can’t be spread easily.

For kids just spread grated cheese over Dosa to enhance their taste buds.

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