Dahi Bara

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Dahi Bara

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This one Odissa Dahi Wada little different style…Hope u all like this

I made this in my last kitty after karva chouth…


2 cups udad dal

1 cup curd

2 tsp black salt

cumin-red chili powder for garnishing

12-15 curry leaves

salt to taste

OIL for deep fry


Soak udad dal for 2 hours.

Make a smooth paste adding little little water.

Now take little , pour in water(If it is settle down in bottom then your batter does not have full airiation)

So u have to beat it constantly as show in picture so that the dough will be fully ariated.

Now again u put a small portion in water it will start floating means dough is ready.Now add the salt.

Now in a bowl take water n wet your palm.

Take a big portion of dough and make a hole in the center(it looks like a wada).

Meanwhile heat oil,Deep fry these wadas till it done.

In a big bowl take water n pour all these fried wadas,soak atleast for 5 min.

In another bowl take curd.Add water,curry leaves,salt n black salt.(We add water as buttermilk,u can add by your choice)

Press the soaked wadas so that excess oil will be removed n pour these in the curd mixture.

Now garnish with cumin-red chili powder…




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