frankie recipe in hindi/paneer frankie street food/how to make veg frankie at home roshniscuisine

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frankie recipe in hindi/paneer frankie street food/how to make veg frankie at home roshniscuisine


frankie recipe in hindi/paneer frankie street food/how to make veg frankie at home roshniscuisine

Frankie all time favourite for kids as well as for adults…a perfect starter,main course item for parties,kitties.Here raining season going on…heavily raining so the weather also little cool.Toh this type of recipe just perfect for this weather…

Actually friends yday I prepared club rice for my daughter class party,made extra veggie for that…it is same like our Chinese veggie masala use to make noodles…then in after noon made paneer…so thought to prepare Frankie for the next day breakfast…if you want to watch the video recipe of club rice and paneer ,I share the link in below…

The dough also kneaded by my husband…as I have to prepare for breakfast,lunch so I told them to knead…he did it just perfect…I have used paneer water in the dough…you can use normal water also.

You can watch the frankie video recipe here

Watch the homemade paneer here



watch the Club Rice video recipe here

Lets dig into recipe details

Preparation Time 10 min
Cooking Time  10 to 12 min
Serving Persons  4 to 6

2 cups maida

1 tsp salt

water to make dough(I have used paneer water)

150 gm paneer cut into cubes

1 tsp salt and blackpepper mixture

3 tbsp of sauce

(Combo of tomato sauce+chili sauce+mayonnaise)

indo chinese veggie masala

1/2 cup chopped cabbage

Oil to make frankie and saute paneer

Dry flour to roll the Frankie roti



Add the salt,water to maida and knead a soft dough.
Rest the dough atleast for 20 min.
Heat the grill pan,coat with oil.
Place the paneer cubes and sprinkle the salt,blackpepper powder,cook this till it get a nice grill pattern.
Turn it from other side and sprinkle more powder and let it cook.
When it is done,remove to a plate.
Now make small size dumpling and dust with dry flour,roll it thin.
Roll from all sides so that it will get even thickness.
Heat the tava,place the roti.
Cook from one side in high flame.
When you see bubble,just turn it.
Let it cook from other side,this timeit is full cooked.
In this way make all rotis.
Now place the roti ona  plate,rmember the half cooked side will be kept down.
The coat the sauce mixture all over.
Place the veggie masala on one side.
Now place 3 to 4 aneer cubes on veggie masala.
Sprinkle some chopped cabbage on it.
Now roll from both sides vertically inwards and simultaneously roll form the side where you kept the veggie mixture.
Roll it till it reaches the other end,in this way it is properly sealed,the stuffing doesn’t come out.
Now place the Frankie on a hot grill pan with some oil
Let it cook in low flame till it gets grillpattern.
After some time coat some oil on the upper side and turn it.
Let it  also cook…
When it is done,remove to plate and serve hot.
I prepared sprout salad by mixing sprouts,onion,tomato,green chili,coriander leaves,black salt
n lemonjuice.
We had Frankie with this salad…


You can prepare the dough from wheat flour instead of maida…it is more healthier.
You can add chopped onion,capsicum to enhance the taste more.
The sauce also varied depending upon your taste bud.
If you don’t have grill pan,you can prepare this on normal tava or frypan.
The Chinese veggie masala,you can prepare in large quantity…it will stay for 2 to 3 dayz.
Instead of paneer add potato or other veggie also…
You can make all the rotis for Frankie and half cook them for a party.
When guests come,just make the Frankie…it saves time.
Make the dumpling sixe small,so that we can roll the roti thin.
If the roti is thin,it is more crispy.



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