French Fry (Home-made)

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French Fry (Home-made)

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French-fry French-fry French-fry

My daughter just loves this what i wl telling abt my
daughter i think this one favourite item of bachha

So i think let me prepare it in home itself the plus
point is no preservative and u can make in more
Now the Ingredients

2 medium size potatoes
salt totaste
1 tsp black-pepper powder(optional)

oil for deep fry

Peel the potatoes,cut into french-fry long slices.

Then take a bowl of water and soak all slices for 5
min so that all stratch will be removed add it will
not absorb excess oil.

Then dry this on a cloth,now heat oil.

Now half fry this in medium-high flame and remove it.
After 1 min again fry till golden colour so that it
will be more crispier like french-fry.

Now spread on a tissue paper,now sprinkle salt and
black-peeper powder.

Now Its time to give a smile to ur kids.

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