Fruity Parfait

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Fruity Parfait


It is so colourful n super healthy…

Kids who are fussy about fruits sure shot like this…n in this way fruit goes to their tummy…

Preparation Time  15 min
No Cooking
Freezing Time         30 min


1 cup hung curd
1 cup mixed fruits cubes( I hv taken watermelon,guava,mango,oranges grapes)
2 tbsp watermelon n guava small cubes
1 cup grated apple
1/2 cup papaya cubes
1/4 cup mango cubes
1 tbsp chopped drufruits ( I hv taken walnut n almonds)
1 tbsp curd
2 tsp powdered sugar

For Garnishing

Mango slice



Whisk hung curd well, add powdered sugar  n grated apples to this.

Now take a wide open glass n layer this half hung curd mixture at bottom.

Then put chopped fruits randomly with half of chopped drufruits as topping.

Blend papaya,mango n curd to a semi thick puree.


Layer this over chopped fruits carefully.

Now place small cubes of watermelon n guava.

Finally put the rest hung curd mixture as final layer with mixed dry fruits…

Garnish with cherries n mango slice…

Freeze for 30 min n serve chilled…

Note: U can add any fruits of ur choice…n make it colourful

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