Ghee(Made from Butter)

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Ghee(Made from Butter)

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Ghee is nothing but clarified butter,u can call this Indian Butter…kids love ghee.

its a compulsory ingredients for indian sweet dishes. When added to chapati,rice,pulau items it enhance the taste of the dishes…

It can be made from butter or from malai(cream).This time i made from butter


100 gm butter


Heat butter in medium flame,when it start melting make the flame to low.

When you see some brown granules at the bottom of the bowl n smell the ghee flavor, turn off the flame.

Make it cool down,strain this in a glass container.

Store in an air tight container…your home-made ghee is ready.

Dont throw the granules,u can add this to the atta to make chapati.

U can use for making besan ladoos also…

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