Gulabi Puvvulu/Mahunada Khaja/Rose Cookies/Phula Ghara/achhu murukku by roshniscuisine

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Gulabi Puvvulu/Mahunada Khaja/Rose Cookies/Phula Ghara/achhu murukku by roshniscuisine

Mahunada Khaja/Gulabi Puvvulu/Rose Cookies/Phula Ghara/Mahu Ghara/Rose Cake by roshniscuisine

Hi frndz…this sweet is my long time desire. As we stay outside India…some dishes which I just love can’t have here …and as it is so light in texture while bringing from India…it does not retain its shape

Suddenly one day in our local market I found the similar type of chancha(mould which is used to make these sweets…toh phir kya  ha fatak se kharida.

In some parts of India…this recipe has eggs but not worry I made this eggless…so try this new recipe for this Diwali.

And as u know friends here in Jakarta due to some issue Indian grocery not available…and in many sweets ghee is required but this can be made without ghee and main part is maida…so please try this and have this some light sweet recipe in this diwali

You can view the video recipe here


So lets dig into this recipe

Preparation Time 5 min
Frying Time           3  to 5 min per batch
Serving Persons   8 to 10

Ingredients Required

1 cup all purpose flour or maida
½ cup rice flour
1 cup powdered sugar
½ tsp cardamom powder
2 tsp sesame seeds
1 cup milk

OIL to deep fry

And the mould for this sweet
One sauté stick or knife to unmould this sweet from the chancha



Take all dry ingredients and add milk little by little.
Using a whisk mix this well.
The batter should be semi thick consistency.
Mean while heat the oil for deep frying.
Keep the mould inside the oil.
When oil is properly hot,remove the mould from oil.
And put inside the batter…her e is the tricky part just fill the mould to half so that the batter does not stick to upper layer.
Then it is difficult to unmould it.
Now dip the mould into hot oil immediately.
Immerse it in hot oil for some time.
When it changes colour,take  the sauté stick and just scrape the mould to remove the sweet.
It is in half cooked position.
Automatically it unmoulds,then  dip inside hot oil to fry this.
After 1 min just remove from hot oil,it is still soft.
When it comes in contact with air,after some time it is harden and crisp.
If you have one mould at a time you can fry two cookies.
Store in an air tight container…it can stay for 10 to 15 days.



If you don’t have mould you can use the cookie cutter used for cakes and cookies.
Granulated sugar also can be used instead  of powdered sugar.
You can use water to make the batter just make it 50-50 means half milk and half water.
When the sweet is soft only,just remove from hot oil.
Otherwise it  will change to darken colour.
While unmoulding the sweet from chancha,carefully remove otherwise the hot oil splutter on hands.
After unmoulding the sweet,again dip the mould in hot oil and the dip in batter.


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