Hotdog ki nayi paishkash

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Hotdog ki nayi paishkash


Serving for one person


One Hot Dog

For Filling

1 med onion chopped
1 med tomatoe chopped
1 green chili chopped
1/4 cup chopped cucumber
1/4 cup chopped green capsicum
1/3 cup paneer cubes
1 tbsp tandoori mayonese
1/2 tsp mixed dry herb
1/4 tsp black pepper powder
Salt to taste

Tomato slices n coriander strings for garnishing on filling

For Tomato Chutney

2 med tomatoes
1/2 inch ginger chopped
1 small green chili chopped
1 tsp til
Salt to taste

Sev n coriander string for garnishing on Chutney

For spread on hot dog circles

1 tsp butter
1 n 1/2 tsp redchili-garlic chutney
3 small cubes of cheeze
1/4 tsp mixed herb

For Red Chili-Garlic Chutney

10-12 whole red chili soaked in water for 8 to 10 hrs
7-8 garlic cloves
1/2 tsp jeera powder
1 tsp lemon juice
Salt to taste preferrable sea salt

Onion rings, tomato n cucumber slices for garnishing on plate



For redchili-garlic chutney

Deseed the soaked red chili.
Mix all ingredients n make a fine paste.
U can store this for 15 to 20 days in freeze.

For tomato chutney

Add all ingredients with tomatoes n make a fine paste.

Garnish with sev n coriander string.

For filling

Mix all veggies with mayonese.

Take hot dog n make 3 holes with a cutter…keep the circles aside.

Now fill the fillings in holes n put tomato slices n coriander strings on these for garnishing.

Now take hot fog circles n spread butter on it n on that spread redchili-garlic chutney.

Pierce this on a tooth-pick n on it insert a cheeze cube.

Sprinkle mixed dry herbs on it.

Keep inside tomato chutney bowl.

Arrange onion rings n tomato cucumbet slices on plate.

Its ready to serve.

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