Homemade Butter recipe/How to make butter at home in hind/how to make makhan by roshniscuisine

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Homemade Butter recipe/How to make butter at home in hind/how to make makhan by roshniscuisine


Homemade butter is always healthy as it has no preservative…and it is easy to prepare also.
So now we can prepare butter in home also…with same textureas available in market.
With this I will share a tip how to set thick malai…this tip is given by my friend Raaji(Thanks yarr).Because if thick malai you will get,then you can prepare more butter in less dayz…

You can view the video recipe here

Table of contents

0:55 – how to set thick malai

1:05 – how to churn malai

1:28 – watch how makhan is separated from water

Now coming to the recipe details

Preparation Time 10 min
Churning Time      10 min(per batch)


Homemade malai            2 cups

Water     3.5 cups


Take out the malai from freeze and let it comes to room temperature.
Now the tip to set thick malai.
After boiling themilk,make it little cool down.
And keep in freeze for few hours,you can see a thick layer of malai set on milk…this tip is so useful.
Now take  malai and 1 cup water and grind it.
It becomes a smooth puree type.
Now add rest water and again grind it.
After couple of churning,the malai is finally get separated from water.(That is nothing but makhan or butter).
Remove this out of the whey water and keep in a separate bowl.
Then whatever the makhan we have stored in the bowl,add water to this and remove the excess whey part .Repeat the process one more time.
Now take a big portion and make a dumpling.
With both hands press it slowly so that excess water is removed.
Try to remove as much water from the makhan,so that it can be used for longer period.
Keep the butter in a box and smoothen it out,so that it set in the box.
Keep in freeze to set for 2 to 3 hours,so that it is hard and forma s a particular shape.
Now this is the original butter we can store and use…for many recipes.





You can add little salt to the makhan or butter to use for paratha,bread.
You can also ad other mixed dry herbs,garlic paste to make it more flavourful.
If you have made large quantity,you can store this in freezer area for longer use.
If you want more malai in less dayz,then after boiling milk,make it little cool down and keep in freeze,a thick layer of malai will set.
You can use whisk instead of churning it,but it takes more time.

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