Idly Sandwich

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Idly Sandwich


Kids love sandwich…so thinking to present idly in sandwich form that to with cheeze

Today I prepared idly in thali…so cut them into big squares.

Kids always want something different…they are more excited to try if the same thing presented in different way

Preparation Time 10 min
Cooking Time.      15 min
Serving Persons.    2


2 big square idly
8 med cheeze slices(2 for each sandwich)
1 tsp mixed herb
1/4 tsp black pepper powder
1 tsp sambaar powder
1/4 tsp cumin n red chili flakes
1 tsp+1 tsp oil
1 tbsp butter
salt to taste

For Garnishing

1 toothpick


Cut big square idly into half.
Heat 1 tbsp butter n 1 tbsp oil.
When butter melts put sambaar powder n spread this mixture on idly from bith sides.

Roast it from both sides to get golden brown colour n lil crispy.

Now take cheeze slices n cut half of this as small stripes to get a pattern. Sprinkle cumin nred chili flakes on it.
In anorher pan heat 1 tsp oil n add all vegetables.
Saute for 3min n add all rest spices with sauce.

Put one idly bread n on this arrange cheeze slices at both end.


Top of this put the saute veg mixture n on this keep another idly bread lil diagonally so that stuffing can be visible.

Insert a tooth pick with cherry for garnishing.

Serve this yummy sandwich…

1 toithpick8 med cheeze slices(2 for each sandwich)


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