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Idly is a popular south indian breakfast dish…as it is steamed healthy also


1 cup udad dal

2 n 1/2 cups rice

handful poha

6-10 fenugreek seeds

sal to taste


Soak udad dal, fenugreek seeds in a bowl.

In other bowl soak rice n poha as it should be coarse paste.

Soaking time is 6 hours.

Now make a smooth paste of udad dal,but grind to coarse paste of rice n poha.

Mix both the paste,ferment overnight.It will be double in volume next day morning.

Add salt to this,mix properly.

Take idly maker n put one drop of oil in each chancha so that when u remove idly it can be out easily.

Boil some water in a big bowl where u can keep idly maker.

Meanwhile take a spoon of batter n keep in each chancha.(keep some space in each chancha coz when it steamed doubles in size)

When water start boiling ,keep the idly maker inside this n cover the lid.

After 5min insert a fork inside the idly.when it comes out clean idly is ready.

Serve with sambar n chutney…

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