Instant No Ferment Idli I Sooji Idli I Suji Idli I Rava Idli I roshniscuisine

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Instant No Ferment Idli I Sooji Idli I Suji Idli I Rava Idli I roshniscuisine

You can watch the video recipe in Hindi here/

You can watch the video recipe in Odia here

Idli that to instant and the texture n taste is our regular idli…then what you want more.So this recipe is instant idli when there is no time to soak,grind n ferment….so lets get started.And here I have made one chutney which is well goes with this idli…the video link I have given below.

You can watch the chutney recipe in Hindi n Odia both here

Preparation Time 10 min
Cooking Time 10 min
Serving Persons  4

Ingredients Required

2 cups sooji rava

1 cup curd

1/2 cup water

1 eno sachet(lemon flavour)

Oil to coat idli mould

Salt to taste

Whisk the curd properly.
Add curd,water,salt to sooji rava n mix it well.
Let it rest for 10 min so that sooji is well absorbed n swollen bit.
Now coat the idli mould with oil.
Boil sufficient water for steaming idlis.
Add the eno sachet with little water to the sooi batter,bubles start come up.
Mix it well.
If you feel the batter is very thick,add little water to make it like idli batter consistency.
Fill the batter 3/4th in each idli mould as after steaming it rises in volume.
Tap the batter with wet fingers so it comes into a shape.
Steam the idli in high flame for 10 min…
After it cools down little bit,demould it.
Serve idlis with your favourite chutney…



You can take baking soda,salt n lemon juice also if eno sachet not available.
You can take the normal eno sachet also blue colour one.
Jus twet your finger and tap the batter so tha tit comes to a shape.
Make the batter little thick as when eno is added it is little fermented and thin.
the batter should be like idli batter consistency.
If you are making in large quantity,use batter abtch wise as eno effect will stay for some time only.
Coat the idli mould with oil so tha tit is easy to demould.
Fill the mould upto ¾ th level only as it is swollen after cooking.

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