Kakara Pitha

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Kakara Pitha

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One more sweet dish from Odissa this one I saw one from one blog later I know the writer of that blog is my aunty’s friend…

I tried it and it come out awsome…


1 cup grated coconut

2 cup jaggery or sugar

1 tsp cardamom powder

2 cups wheat flour

a pinch of salt

oil for deep frying


Fry grated coconut 1ith half cup of sugar and cardamom powder till coconut properly mixed with sugar.

Now boil 2 cups of water  and add rest sugar to this for making sugar syrup..

Take 1 tbsp of water and mix 1 tbsp of wheat flour to this and make a paste.

Add this paste to sugar syrup and stir properly.

When it start boiling add the rest dry flour to this , stir in low flame.

Now make the mixture cool down,knead it properly with oil.

Make small balls and flatten it. Stuff the coconut mixture and seal the ball and again flatten it.

Heat oil for deep frying the stuffed pithas(sweet dish).

Fry it till turns to golden color…



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