Khirasaku(Odissa Cake)

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Khirasaku(Odissa Cake)

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Hi friends

Today I upload a sweet dish for you…this one the first sweet dish i learnt after marriage calling my mom 2-3 times…

U can call it as Odissa Cake also

For your friends birth day u can make this and give a sweet  surprise what you say

Ok now the ingredients are

Rice       ½ cup

Sugar    ½ cup

Milk       2  cups

Dryfruits ¼ cup

Ghee for cating the fry pan


Soak the rice for 3 hours.

Grind to a smooth paste.

Boil the milk, add sugar and dry fruits.

Now pour the rice batter into this and stir simultaneously.

Stir so that it will become a sticky dough/

Now coat a fry pan with little ghee and set the dough on it.

Cover the fry pan and heat it low-medium flame for 15-20 min.

Check in between.

When the saku(cake) leave the ghee it turns to golden colour, switch off gas .

Make it cool down, turn it upside down on a plate.

Ur sweet dish is ready….

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