Kulfi(Indian Ice-Cream)

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Kulfi(Indian Ice-Cream)

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One more sweet dish this one for Smita who always telling me upload some sweet dish…

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Not only kids all are crazy about ice-cream…but i can tell you when your kids taste this kulfi they forget about others ice-creams…between sweets i feel it is the most simplest one


1 liter milk

1 cup milk powder

50 gm condensed cream

pinch of saffron

1/4 tsp cardamom powder

6-8 almond sliced

kulfi mould(optional)u can use any bowl also


Heat the milk,add milk powder n mix it properly,stir for 2 min.

Add saffron n cardamom powder.Pour the milk to any bowl n bring this to room temperature.

Add condensed cream and sliced almonds to this.

Then pour this to kulfi mould,cover it with wrapper.If u do not have kulfi mould u can keep this in a bowl n cover it with wrapper.

Deep freeze it atleast 7-8 hours.Before serving bring it from freezer n wait for 1 min,pierce sticks to each kulfi as shown in pic.

If kulfi mould pour water on the outer part of mould and kulfi easily be removed from mould.

If it is bowl keep a plate over the bowl n turn upside down n kulfi easily removed from the bowl n cut into pieces.

Make this one as a dessert item in party n surprise your guests.

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