Malai Bread

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Malai Bread

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Malai Bread hmmm mouth watering this i learnt from my friend Preety(Manpreet) i miss you yarr

If u have stock of malai and u r wondering what an easy dish i have to prepare go for this your kids also like this.

U can use yoghurt also instead of malai .

Now ingredeints

1 cup malai

1/4 cup chopped onion

1/8 cup chopped capsicum

1/8 cup chopped tomato

1/8 cup grated carrot

salt to taste

1/4 cup sooji rawa

4 bread slices

butter for spreading over bread


Take a bowl, add all vegetables to the malai, sooji and salt.

Mix properly.

Take a slice of bread.

Spread butter on one side of bread. And on other side spread the malai mixture.

Heat frypan ,keep the bread slice so that upper part is malai mixture.

When bread starts golden colour turn it upside down and bake it so that mali mixture turns to golden colour.

Take this into a plate and garnish with sauce.

Serve hot.

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