Masala Uppindi/tomato upma/rice rava upma/chawal ka masala upma/uppindi/food odisha roshniscuisine

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Masala Uppindi/tomato upma/rice rava upma/chawal ka masala upma/uppindi/food odisha roshniscuisine


Masala Uppindi/rice rava upma/chawal ka masala upma/uppudu uppu pindi/food odisha roshniscuisine
You can watch the video recipe here

Masala Uppindi is regularly prepared in our home.Whenever we go out,genereally I prepare this as it tastes yummy after it is cooled down also.It is just a rescue recipe for me.It is generally prepared in Southern Odisha and Andhra.Few dayz back I prepared uppindi,it is simple to prepare.This one I prepared with lots of veggie,so in this   way it is a healthy recipe and kids also have veggie in this way.

This one is prepared with rice rava…if you don’t have rice rava you can use idli rava also,just dry roast the idli rava and you can prepare this.The detailed procedure I have told in my uppindi video that how to prepare rice rava in home.As recently I went to India,I brough ample amount of rice rava from there.Generally mom make it prepared from some aunty,but this time it is readily available withreadymade packets named Srilalitha and I think It is export from Andhra.So friends I hope you can get in grocery stores or online…now lets get into recipe details

Preparation Time 15 min
Cooking Time 20 min
Serving Persons 4


1 n 1/2cups of rice rava

2 whole red chili broken

2 tsp chana dal

1/2 tsp mustard seeds

1/2 tsp cumin seeds

2 tsp moong daal

a pinch of asafoetida

3 green chili sitted

12-15 curry leaves

1 tsp ginger paste

2 medium onion sliced

1/4 cup chopped carrot

1/4 cup chopped cauli fower

1/4 cup chopped french beans

2 tbsp green peas

2 tbsp sweet corn

4 medium size tomatoes chopped

2 tbsp chopped coriande rleaves

3 tbsp oil

3 cups water

Black Salt to taste


Heat oil,when it is preoperly hot add all tadka ingredients to this.
When chana dal and oon dal turns to little golden colour,add green chili,ginger and curry leaves.
Now add sliced onion with little black salt,so that onion is cooked faster.
When onion is cooked,add all the veggies and let it cook in low flame or some time.
After all veggies are cooked,add chopped tomatoes to this.
Cove r the lid and let the tomatoes also cooked till it get mushy texture.
Now add the water to this and boil the water.
When water start boiling add the rice rava and let it cook in high flame for some time.
After that  make the flame low and cover the lid.
Meanwhile stir it so that it is cooked properly.
After osme time it is done,all the water is absorbed properly.
Serve hot with pickle…


Add more tomatoes so that it will remain moist and it has tangy taste.
As it is made up of rice,so it takes more time comparing to our regular masala sooji upma.
I have added moon dal instead of udad it is more healthy and you get same flavour.
I have used black salt here instead of white salt,as black salt and sendha namak is good for health.
This information we got from our Yoga Guruji and Aunty.

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