Medu vada recipe in hindi/ulundu vadai/uddina vadai/crispy medu vada/medu vada batter/roshniscuisine

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Medu vada recipe in hindi/ulundu vadai/uddina vadai/crispy medu vada/medu vada batter/roshniscuisine


After a long dayz I am uploading a recipe…as was busy in yoga and dance videos…
This one everybody favourite recipe…from kids to adults all like this yes it is famous South Indian recipe Meduvada…I will share some tips with which the vada will remain crispy,soakes less oil and remain fluffy from inside…so lets get started

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Preparation Time  15 min
Frying Time            10 min per batch
Serving Persons       4 to 6


1 cup udad dal soaked
3-4 tbsp sooji
3 green chili chopped
10-12 curry leaves roughly cut
5_7 coriander springs chopped
1 pinch of hing
Salt to taste
OIL to deep fry


Soak the udad dal for 4 to 5 hours.
Grind this to a smooth paste by adding little water.
We want a thick consistency batter so less water more better.
Initially it is liitle coarse,then add little more water to make it smooth type.

Now whisk it with hands in clockwise direction so that it is airy from inside and light.

Like in old days the dal is grinded in stone grinder(silbata),the process they follow due to that the batter is more airy and light.

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Take a bowl of water and just before whisking put one small dumpling of batter inside water.

It sits on base as the batter is heavy.

But after whisking when you put batter,it starts floating,that is the sign of batter is light.

Meanwhile heat oil for deep frying.

Add all rest ingredients to batter.


Wet the hands and mix it well.

Now wet the hands,take a dumpling of batter and on 3 fingers keep the dumpling.

Make a circular shape and do a insertion in center using thumb.

Slowly put the vada inside hot oil,make sure the flame is high.


After some time make the flame to medium,turn the vads upside down so that it is evenly fried.

When the vadas turn into golden brown colour,remove from hot oil.

In between make the flame little high,so that it is more crispy and golden colour soon.

Place on an absorbent paper so that excess oil is drained out.

Serve hot with chutney or sauce…




If you soak the udad dal for more time,it is more fluffy and easy to grind also.

Add the rava in last minute,so that the vada will remain crispy.

You can add rice flour…instead of rava as my mom says.

Don’t add more water while grinding,then the batter is thin and the vada soak more oil while frying.

You put some portion of batter in water to check whether it is floating or not.

If it is still not floating means you have to whisk more to make it more lighter.

Make sure to wet the hands while making vadas,in this way it easily slides in hot oil.


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