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The most waited n demanding sweet dish…finally done .This one u call as indian cake also…

after a long days one sweet dish added…friends also start asking when i upload some sweet dish so for them….

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This one i have made on my b’day thought to make something different rather than making regular cake, all my kitty friends liked the cake so much within few min it is over …thnx a lot to all sweeties


1 cup paneer

100 gm condensed milk

1 tbsp milk powder

1 tsp ghee

1/2 tsp cardamom powder

5 almond sliced for garnishing


Heat ghee, add paneer with little paneer water to this.

Stir for 2-3 min, paneer water added so that paneer wont be dry.

Then add condensed cream n continuously stir for 5 min.

Now add milk powder n mix properly.

Finally add cardamom powder.

Take a plate and spread this.

Garnish with almond slices.

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