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Mitha Boondi

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After a long days…get time to upload a new recipe a sweet recipe…

During my pregnancy i was watching a movie…in that there is a line “Mitha Boondi lana mat bhulna”.By hearing this i just cant wait to make it…as we stay out of India all these indian dishes not available…so prepared it. Then realized its so easy to make…so wanna try

Here are Ingredients

1 cup Besan

1 cup sugar

1/4 cup water

a pinch of salt

OIL for frying boondi

boondi maker


Seive the besan so that no more granules left.

Then add water to this to make batter.

Make syrup adding 1/4 cup water n whole sugar.

To know whether perfect boondi are made or not, we have to check the batter.

Heat Oil , dip one end of spoon in batter n put one drop into the oil.

If it is taking more time to come,then batter is not good.

Add little more water and repeat the same process.

If boondi is round but heavy then again u have to add little more water to make it light.

Now the batter is perfect,put the batter in boondi maker as shown in picture and slowly the batter falls into oil to form boondis.

Now put these boondis in the sugar syrup and mix well.

Hot mitha boondi is ready to serve…



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