Namak para/namak para recipe in hindi/namak paare recipe/crispy nimki/diamond cuts by roshniscuisine

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Namak para/namak para recipe in hindi/namak paare recipe/crispy nimki/diamond cuts by roshniscuisine

Hi frndz…today we prepare nimki i.e namakpaare…in Odisha it is called as nimki

It is quite common in every indian household I think…kids just take a handful of this in their tiny hands and have it happily…during our India stay my jethani visited to our place…one day we are just making this nimki. There I know a trick which she follow to make it more crispier and its fried in less time…so that trick I share with u all today

This one I have prepared for my daughter school party as it is handy for kids and they are not satisfied with one…so they can take more and as it is smaller in size its easier for them( mind it this one according to my daughter opinion ha ha ha)

You can view the video recipe here

Table of contents

2:10 watch how to cut diamond shape
3:47 how to fry the nimki to get it more crunchyn cripsy


Now coming to recipe detail

Preparation Time 5 min
Rolling Time 5 to 7 min for one big dumpling
Frying Time 1 min per batch


3 cups All Purpose Flour
1 tsp carom seeds
1/2 tsp kalongi or nigella seeds
2 tbsp oil
1/2 cup+2 tsp water to knead the dough

OIL to deep fry
Black Salt to sprinkle



Take the flour in a big vessel,add all the rest ingredients except water.
Mix it so that oil is incorporated properly with the flour…
After sometime just take a portion of flour mixture and press it…if it forms a shape its done.
Now the time to add the water to the flour mixture.
Add little by little water and knead to a stiff dough.
Rest the dough for 10 to 15 min.
After resting the dough,take abig portion and smoothen it out.
Make a dumpling and roll it as thin as possible as shown in video.


This is the main time taking,after this it just take 1 min maximum to fry the nimkis.
Take a pizza cutter and cut into trips and follow the same from other side.
In this way you get proper diamond shape(u can cut into square shape also)
Meanwhile heat the oil to deep fry.
Take a spatula and slowly remove the diagonal nimkis on it.
Pour into hot oil and continuously stir,this is the trick to follow.
If the flame is low,it takes more time to fry and absorbs little oil also n u feel heavy while having it.
But if the nimkis are fried in high flame,it takes less time maximum 1 min,and believe me it is more lighter and flaky.
After it turns to golden colour,keep this on an absorbent paper so that excess oil cna be removed.
Make it cool down and sprinkle black salt on this.
Store in an air tight container.



Deep fry the nimkis in high flame and continuously stiring it.
Roll as thin as possible,so that it can be fried in less time.

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