Paneer Sweet Roll

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Paneer Sweet Roll

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While making this there is a story behind this…when my parents came to jakarta i learn different dishes from them…

Both my parents are excellent in cooking…I like one sweet dish of Odissa called Chena Gajja but i dint know how to prepare this so my Father lerant me this

But when i made that it become something different but my hubby n kid both like that very much so I liked to share this with you people…Some other day i will prepare chenna gajja which is the original version


1 cup paneer

1/3 cup sooji rawa

2 cups sugar

2/3 cup water


Mix paneer n sooji n knead it properly for atleast 10 min.

Then make a roll as show in picture.

Meanwhile make sugar syrup,when it start boiling add these paneer rolls to this.

Make the flame low n keep these rolls with in the syrup till it fully absorbs the syrup.

It becomes double in size.

Now remove from sugar syrup n serve….

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