poha(chuda upma)

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poha(chuda upma)

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This is a reminder dish for me.Its the first dish prepared by my husband.When he gave me to taste I loved this. He was staying in maharastra before marriage and his breakfast item is this poha with a cup of tea. My daughter’s favourite also poha specially those peanuts in the poha.Whenever she is in bad mood its best idea to prepare poha for her to make her happy. I have prepared differnt types poha,but now a days I follow Jaina( my friend) style poha same with a little bit twist that to add lemon juice before adding poha,it will be more tastier. Simple and helathy also and light item. Now come to the point Ingredients 1  cup poha 1  medium onion chopped 15 cup peanuts(5 more for my daughter) 10 curry leaves 2  green chillies finely chopped 1  tsp turmeric powder 1  tsp lemon juice(if want more u can add this) 1  tsp mustard seeds 2  tbsp oil salt according to taste chopped coriander leaves for garnishing Procedure                                                   Generally for this thick poha is required…but still thick poha also of different types,so this soaking process gr8 tip I got from Madhura Recipes…thanks a lot Mam.

Somtimes its little hard n sometimes little soft…so when we soak little hard poha first soak it in water for 2 min and when its little soft soak for less time then remove all water n sprinkle little water on it n cover this so that it wont be dry…atleast for 10 min

Heat oil,add mustard seeds,when it starts crackling add peanut,curry leaves and green chili. After peanut turns golden add chopped onion,add little salt so that onion turns to pinkish color soon. Now add turmeric powder and lemon juice.Then add soaked poha and salt.Mix it properly.                                    Garnish with coriander leaves. Arrange in a plate with a lemon piece.

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