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Rajdhani Express

   Recipes,Trips   March 20, 2012  1 Comment

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Train journey what I always like, because of the outside variety foods. But little bit scared of stomach ache due to of non hygenic  but who cares life is to enjoy yarr.

But when we travel in Rajdhani  Express my husband told food is included I am little bit upset that I can not get a chance  to have outside food.

Our journey started from Delhi by 4pm .When we got into the train I was quite surprised to see the cleanliness. Magazines also kept for entertainment. After a while one tea time snax is given which includes one cheese sandwich , kachori ,sweet and juice which are well packed , I was quite surprised and satisfied also. I can not believe that it is really train journey . After some time tea is served it also incudes one milk powder pkt,two packets of sugar, two tea bags according to your choice of tea making.

After 1.5 hours one more mini snacks includes two bread sticks with butter and hot  tomato soup , so amazing what else you need .

The co-passengers also very friendly , co-operative and silently they are enjoying my daughter naughtyness with a smiling face.

One more benefit we get one extra seat so sarthika got full space to enhance her activities. We are so full so no mood to have dinner . But when I taste it its just like home made , less oil , less spicy includes fried rice , dal fry , paneer masala , paratha with some other stuffs .

I just love this journey due to the food , friendly nature of railway employees .Sleeping time comes with a strawberry ice-cream.

Next day morning what u hear Good Morning Mam , tea time.

If you are feeling sleepy no problem at all they will serve the tea with breakfast . What more you can expect .

So i can not resisit in morning took out my digicam  and click some pics to cover this article. Now having breakfast by reading the newspaper provided ….

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