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Rasgulla name itself tempting…

When I came jakarta one of my odiya friend Supriya told me about this yummy dish,as we were in India I am not making these sweet items in home…but here its not possible…Thanks a lot Supriya


1 liter milk

lemon juice or curd or vinegar for curdling the milk

1 cup sugar

4 cups water


Boil the milk,when it start boiling add the curdling ingredient n stir the milk.

Now strain the excess water n keep the paneer part in a muslin cloth for 2mins under a heavy weight so that paneer will have little moisture.

Remove the paneer and mash it properly at least for 15 to 20 min to make a smooth paste.

Make small balls out of the mixture.

Add sugar with water n boil it to make syrup.

When it start boiling add the paneer balls to this,keep flame high.

After 10 mins the balls are double in size.

Now make the flame to medium n boil the balls at least for 30 mins,if syrup reduce in quantity add little amount of water.

Make it cool down n serve chilled…

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