roast poori/masala puri recipe in hindi/odisha food/how to make puri/मसाला पूरी  roshniscuisine

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roast poori/masala puri recipe in hindi/odisha food/how to make puri/मसाला पूरी  roshniscuisine

Poori or puri we are so familiar with this…but this one is the roasted version of puri.In Odisha specially in Berhampur side this one taken as a breakfast…first puri is placed on plate,then upma or idli kept and on this curry,chutney,sambbar poured…it is so yummy combo,chatpata.Today I prepared upma,besna dhara curry for breakfast,so roast puri is compulsion with it…in our home all like this so much.

As I am travellign to India after some dayz and my husband join us few dayz later so thought prepare this roast puri as it stayed for longer time and he can make upma,curry and have it.We love this roast puri as it is also as a dry snacks…Initially I fried the puris like rolling the puri as normal poori and frying one by one,as it is little thick it takes time to crispy.One day my jethani told she visited one of my cousin nanand Basanti  Odine home…there she saw the trick how  odine frying the puris 5 to 6 at a time and in less time period.So frm that day I follow this method…rolling puris little thin and frying 4 to 5 at a time…so thanks to them for this useful trick.So why are we waiting for lets get started

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Preparation Time 2 min
Cooking Time        4 to 6 min per batch
Serving Persons    4 to 6



2 cups wheat flour or atta

1 tsp carom seeds

2 tbsp oil

Salt to taste

Water to knead the dough

OIL for deep frying



Rub the carom seeds with hands,then add this to flour.
Now add oil and salt to this.
Rub the flour with oil so that it is well incorporated with oil,in this way the puri is crispy.
Now add water little by little and knead a tight dough.
Rest the dough for 15 to 20 min.
Make 2 inch dumplings out of the dough.
Roll the dough from all sides so that it is evenly rolled out,roll it little thin.
Now prick with fork so that when it is deep fried,it will not puffed up.
In this way roll the puris.
Meanwhile heat oil for deep frying.
Now put puri one by one on each,4 to 5 atleast into hot oil.
Press with the spatula and turn the puri up and down so that all puris are evenly fried.
Fry these puris in low flame.
When it turns to golden colour and crispy,remove from hot oil.
Keep on an absorbent paper so that excess oil is drained out.
Serve with upma and curry.


I generally prefer adding carom seeds in deep frying recipes as it helps in digestion.
Always rub the carom seeds with hands and then add to the flour to get more flavour.
Try to roll the puri thin so that it will be crispy in less time.
While kneading the dough,at last don’t add more water and try to knead the dough,int his way it becomes tight dough.
Make sure the flame is low,otherwise it will be fried but not crispy.
Keep in an air tight container to stay it crispy for longer dayz.
Prick with a fork so that it will not swollen while frying and takes more time to become crispy.


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