Vada Pav in 4 ways I Street Style Vada Pav  I roshniscuisine

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Vada Pav in 4 ways I Street Style Vada Pav  I roshniscuisine


You can watch the video recipe in Hindi here

You can watch the video recipe in Odia here

So friends today we prepare Vada Pav that to 4 ways…these are not regular vada pav. We prepare different street style vada pav…as we stay outside of India, we cant have these street foods. So thought to prepare this in home and satisfy our taste buds. This one also I got to know from Veggie Paaji Channel. So lets get started

So the 4 types Vada Pav are…

Onion Pakoda Grilled Pav
Chutney Pav
Schewzan Vada Pav
Burger Vada Pav

Here I am sharing the recipe video link of Schewzan Chutney, Green Chutney, Butter , Onion Pakoda and Aloo Bonda or Vada

Preparation Time 10 min
Cooking Time 10 min
Serving Persons 4


4 Pavs

Vada(Aloo Bonda)

Onion Pakoda

Cheese Slice

Green Chutney

Schewzan Chutney



So first for Onion Pakoda Grilled Pav, cut the pav horizpntally.
Then spread butter on both side, on this spread schewzan chutney and top of this green  chuntey.
Now place some onion pakoda…spread butter on upper and bottom sides and grill it on grill pan.
Just press little with spatula to get the grill design and cook it in low flame from both sides, its done.
For second one Chutney Pav, cut the pav horizontally and spread butter and on this spread the green chutney, so simple …isn’t it.
For the 3rd type Schewzan Vada Pav,same way spread schewzan chutney and place the vada or aloo bonda…and its done.
For the last one i.e. Burger Vada Pav, cut horizontally.
Spread butter, then schewzan chutney and on this green chutney.
Place a cheese slice and on this aloo bonda….its done.
Enjoy your party….


Here the pav I got large in size so I cut the bottom part so that it is easy to handle.
According to your spicebud you can increase or decrease the amount of schewzan chutney.


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