Vada Pav with a healthy twist I Vada Pav without Frying Vada I roshniscuisine

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Vada Pav with a healthy twist I Vada Pav without Frying Vada I roshniscuisine

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Yah friends you heard it right so how the magic happens…simple using appe pan. Believe me friends…you can’t differentiate with the fried vada if you prepare in this way. This one I prepared this weekend…initially I thought to prepare the normal way frying the vada but later it strikes to mind why not give it a healthy twist…lets try . And in my family all like it so much.So here I give some tips n tricks too to make the vada fluffy and texture like a fried vada. So lets get started

Preparation Time 10 min
Cooking Time 15 to 20 min
Serving Persons 4


4 Vada Pavs

2 cups potto beetrooot masala

2 cups besan

1/4 cup rice flour

1/2 tsp turmeric powder

1/2 tsp carom seeds

1/4 tsp baking soda

Water to make thick batter

Salt to taste

Oil to prepare vada for pav

Coriander n Curd Chutney

Vada Pav Chutney

I made the aloo masala simple way just add the beetroot to give some colour and make it healthy too.
Now add rice flour,turmeric powder,salt n carom seeds to besan n mix it well.
Add little amount of water so that there is no lumps in besan.
Now add the required maount of water to make semi thick batter like any pakoda batter.
Add baking soda n little oil to the batter n mix it well.
Coat each mould of appe pan with oil with the help of a brush.
Now make dumplings out of the aloo beetroot masala.
Dip the dumpling in besan batter so that it is well coated with batter and place in the mould.
Let the vadas are cooked from one side till it turns into golden colour n crispy…in low flame.
After some time turn each vada and let it cook from otherside too.
Pour little oil on each mould…
Now I make two horizontal slits in pav as the pav is little big here to give a sandwich effect.
Spread the green chutney(I add little curd) on each slice of pav,sprinkle the vadapav garlic chutney on this…now place the vada on it.
Jus t press it little so that it is well spreaded on pav slice…repeat the process for next slice too.
Sprinkle little garlic chutney and serve hot….

Just coat the appe mould with brush so that less oil is required and it is properly coated with each mould.
The besan batter should be little thick so that it is properly coated on aloo dumpling.
I added little beetroot to make it colourful n healthy.
Add little baking soda to make the vada more fluffy n light.
I added little oil to the batter to make it more flaky.
I added little curd to green chutney to reduce its bitterness,you can add lemon juice,dry mango powder too.
Here as the pav is little big ,I make two slits so that I place two vada on each slice and it does not feel like vada is less comparing to pav.
The vada pav dry garlic chutney is homemade…just dry roast garlic n dry coconut and grind to a coarse powder by adding red chili powder n salt…its done.



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