Vanilla Ice Cream I 10K Subscribers Happiness I Thanks Friendz I roshniscuisine

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Vanilla Ice Cream I 10K Subscribers Happiness I Thanks Friendz I roshniscuisine


You can watch the video in Hindi here

You can watch the video recipe in Odia here

First of all friends…thanks a lot from bottom of my heart for this happiness.Without your love n support…its not possible. So khushi ka mauka hai toh kuch mitha ho jaye….so whats better than homemade ice cream. Yah today we prepare homemade ice cream…its so easy to prepare in home. So lets get started…chaliye khushiya bantte hain.

Preparation Time 2 min
whipping Time 5min
Setting Time in Freezer 30 min to set whipping bowl n whipper
                                          8 hours to set ice cream
Ingredients Required

2 cups of Heavy Cream
2 tbsp condensed milk
1 tsp vanilla essence
2 tbsp choco chips


Firt set the whipping bowl n whipper in freezer min for 30 minutes.
Chill the heavy cream in fridge itself.
Now  take out all,pour the heavy cream in the bowl.
Start whipping by tilting the bowl little so that there is no spillage…
After some time,the cream starts thickening up…
After it turns into semi thick consistency,add condensed cream n vanilla eseence,mix it well.
Then start whipping again,it starts to thick.
AT one point it just stick to the whipper not falling down,then the whipping cream is done.
Add choco chips to keep the ice cream in an air tight container nc ling wrap it.
Set in fridge for 7 to 8 hours.
Now with the help of scopper take out scoop of ice cream,just roll the scopper on the ice cream so that it forms a shape…
When you do for next time,just wet the scopper with water n repeat the process.
Garnish with choco chips and enjoy…


Set the whipping bowl n whipper in Freezer min for 30 min n keep the whipping cream in fridge to chill…before whipping
I use condensed milk here so I dint add sugar.
I added little choco chips as kids love choclate in any form…and it gives an extra crunch.
Place a paper below the whipping bowl…as there is chances the spill of whipping cream.
Whenever you start whipping,keep the whipper inside bowl n on the switch…so there is no spillage.
Same for whenever you stop the whipping,first off the switch and then remove the whipper.
Cling wrap the box after wheeping the ice cream…so there is no ice formation.

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