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Aaloo Bhujia

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Hi friends

After  a long days I get time to upload some new recipe

Got busy as my parents came here full one month how it passed so fast could not know

They like Jakarta so much specially podium and my friends, peoples of   here

Now the recipe  aaloo bhujia , bhujia I am making always but this one different made from potato

Come to Ingredient

1 medium size boiled potato

Besan as needed to make the dough

1 tsp red chilly powder

1 pinch soda

¼ tsp turmeric powder

¼ tsp sugar

¼ tsp black salt

Salt to taste

1 tsp oil to add in dough

Oil for deep frying


Boil the potato, peel the skin and mash it properly.

Add all spices and oil

Now add besan to the mixture, the quantity depends how much potato absorbs the besan.

Meanwhile heat the oil.

Take bhujia maker , pour the dough and make bhujia as shown in picture.

Fry in medium heat  , when it turns to golden colour remove it .

Now break into pieces like bhujia sprinkle black salt .

I have prepared bhujia and muruku both , u can also try both.

Ur delicious Aaloo Bhujia is ready for evening snacks.

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