Day to Day Cooking  ( Part 2 ) I roshniscuisine

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Day to Day Cooking  ( Part 2 ) I roshniscuisine

IMG_20190811_140212 IMG_20190813_151328 IMG_20190820_090139 IMG_20190821_092636 IMG_20190822_093545 IMG_20190823_091902 IMG_20190823_093852 IMG_20190823_140618 IMG_20190823_144224 IMG_20190823_160420 IMG_20190823_160625 IMG_20190823_160703 IMG_20190823_160739 IMG_20190823_160809 IMG_20190823_160933 IMG_20190824_100529 IMG_20190824_104616 IMG_20190824_104757 IMG_20190826_093949 IMG_20190827_092608

You can watch the video recipe here

This   video is something different…from these regular  recipe videos where I explain detail about the recipe, but in this video I upload the recipes what I prepare in day to day. And sometimes I feel to click the picture of the recipe and upload in our whatsapp cooking group. Sometimes I did some part video recording too for 5 to 10 seconds. So one day thought why not collect all these pictures and make a video on this and here is the result. I have uploaded the part1 few days back. So this is the part 2…then I upload next parts.

This video is mostly of one week recipes…hope u like this video.


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