eggless chocolate cake recipe by Sarthika /chocolate cake without butter,milkmaid by roshniscuisine

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eggless chocolate cake recipe by Sarthika /chocolate cake without butter,milkmaid by roshniscuisine


A long time wish come true…father daughter duo wish…yah yah I am revealing wait

Here summer vaction is going on…and as you know kids always want some new and interesting activities to keep them busy…n My daughter Sarthika has showing some interest in cooking

So slowly she started doing some basic recipes,one day I taught her how to prepare vanilla cake…and to our surprise it comes out super yummy…her father told you can do video recording for this…so I told next time we do and here it the video recipe

So when she did chocolate cake and I do recording…I remember initially when I start doing video recipes My daughter only doing recording…and this time reverse game is played

I am so happy to seeing her to do the full recipe by herself…hope you all also like that and cheer her up

My youngest sis Rohini also insisting me to upload cake video from long dayz…she was s ending me cake pics whenever she baked…so I upload her zebra recipe here.Finally her wish also fulfilled…

IMG-20170608-WA0000without wasting time lets go to recipe detail

You can watch the video recipe here

0:10 Watch the surprise
1:50 Watch ingredient details
3:46 Watch the tip
4:37 one more tip


Preparation Time 10 min
Baking Time          30 min
Serving Persons     4


Dry Ingredients


1 cups APF or maida

1 cup powdered sugar

½  cup coco powder

1 tsp baking powder

½  tsp baking soda

¼  tsp salt

Wet Ingredients

¾  cup milk and curd

¼  cup oil

¾  tbsp vinegar

1 tsp vanilla essence

2 tbsp Choco chips

Butter Paper

Oil to apply on baking tin

Vanilla cake prpeared by my daughter

First take all the dry ingredients in a seiver and sieve it .
This is a important point…by sieving we can remove any rough particles.
And in this way all dry ingredients mixed properly so that it helps the cake to rise.
After sieving if you fung any big chunks then press it with hands and sieve it.
Finally when you see any rough particles just sieve it…so that our dry flour is completely smooth.
Now in a wide bowl take oil,milk and curd.
Whisk it properly for atleast 3 to 5 min,so that milk and curd well mixed with oil.
It is also an important point…it gives the same texture of egg as we are making eggless cake.
Now add vinegar and vanilla essence and mix it well.
Add half of dry flour with cut and fold method,in this way air bubbles produced to help the cake to fluffy.
Don’t add full dry flour at a time,otherwise it is not mixed properly.
Now add half of chocochips.
I have shown an easy way to cut butter paper according  to the mould size.
Take a rectangle size butter paper,fold it into half,then fold to quarted.
Now again fold into triangle shape.
Place the mould downwards so that its base is on upper part.
Place the butter paper on the center of mould and keep a mark on the side.
Judt cut on the mark and you can get the desired shape.
Grease the mould and place the butter paper.
Meanwhile preheat oven at 200 C for 10 min.
Pour the batter on mould,sprinkle rest of choco chips.
Tap the mould so that extra air bubbles gone.
Now bake the cake for 30 min in baking mode where upper and lower rod both are on.
After 20 min,I check the upper part of chake is done.
So I switch the mode to down so that only the lower rod is on.
Otherwise cake will be more crispy and dry.
Now after 30 min,remove the cake,check this by inserting a tooth pick in the center.
If it comes out clean,it is done.
Make it cool down.
After some time,press a knife from all sides so that it is easily demoulded.
Take a tray and place it on mould,make it upside down and tap  the mould.
You can see easily the cake is demoulded.
Slowly peel off the butter paper…and place the cake again on a plate.
Have this with your evening tea…send for kids tiffin boxes also…


Keep an eye on your oven as oven to oven temperature varies and according to that timing also.
You can add dry fruitsalso to enhance the flavour.
You can use milkmaid instead of milk.
Add malai to make it more rich.
I am using water initially instead of milk,but by adding milk it is more tasty and rich in flavour.
By adding curd,cake is more soft.
You can add lemon juice also to enhance the flavour.
You can prepare vanilla cake in same way just replace coco powder with maida.
You can add choco chunks also to make it more choclaty.
I have used aluminium baing mould here,so to demould easily I have taken butter paper.
If you don’t have butter paper just grease the mould and dust dry flour…it also works fine.
If you are using silicon mould,no need to use butter paper.


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