Roast Puri Mom Style I Crispy Nimki I Odia Food I roshnsicuisine

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Roast Puri Mom Style I Crispy Nimki I Odia Food I roshnsicuisine

You can watch the video recipe in Hindi here

You can watch the video recipe in Odia here

Roast puri it is Berhampur Odisha side famous breakfast recipe…well goes with idli,chana curry,abar n chutney…Whenever I visit Odihsa…it is in my menu list.Some month before I have uploaded roast puri recipe…but this time I did this how my mom prepared.And I feel it  is crispy and crunchy mean to say more flaky…If you are throwing a party or some guest are coming,it is more convenient to prepare in ample amout day before and store it.Kids love this as a snack time also…So lets get started

Preparation Time  10 min
Frying Time 2 min per batch
Serving Persons  4 to 6


2 cups wheat flour
¾ cup water
½ tsp carom seeds
2 tbsp oil
Salt to taste
Oil to deep fry

Add oil,salt to atta flour.
Now rub the carom seeds and add this to flour to get more flavour.
Rub the flour with oil so that oil is well incorporated with flour.
It takes 2 to 3 min.
Then when you take a portion of flour mixture and bind it,it comes into a shape…in this way it acts as moin or khasta…brings flakyness to puri.
Now add water little by little and knead to a medium tight dough.
Rest the odugh for 15 to 20 min.
Make lemon size dumplings and tap the dumpling with oil.
Roll it thin…and roll from all sides so that it gets even thickness.
Do for rest dumplings.
Meanwhile heat oil for deep frying.
Put puri into hot oil and press with the perforated spoon so that it will not puff up.
Turn it and doo this for the other side also.
Initially the oil is in high flame,after osme time make the flame low and deep fry till it turns into golden colour and little crispy.
When it is done…remove from hot oil.
Initially it si little soft…when cool down becomes crispy n flaky…


 Roll the puri thin so that it can be crispy in less time.
Tap the dumpling with oil only…if you dust with dry flour,the oil will be thick and dirty after some time.
If the dough is medium tight dough it is easy to roll the dough with oil only.
Rest the dough for 15 to 20 min after kneading.
When you put the puri in hot oil,initially the flame is high,but after some time make the flame low otherwise it will burn.
When you remove the puri  when it is done,it is initially little soft.
But when once cooled down,it is crispy n flaky.
Rub the carom seeds to goet more flavour.
For my kadai the oil is sufficient for frying 2 puris a t a time…in hotels they are using big kadai….so can fry more puris a ta time.
When you put the puri in hot oil,press it with spatula or perfrated spoon,so that it will not puffed up and quickly get crispy.

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