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Leafy vegetables should be taken in food everyday in different form added in roti , as sabji….

This leafy vegtable i use the local leaf called as bayam it has nice taste.


3 cups bayam leaves(U can use your own choice)

1/2 cup veggies such as

chopped pumpkin

chopped brinjal

chopped onion

chopped tomatoes

chopped ridge gourd

salt to taste

For temepring

2 tsp oil

1/2 tsp mustard seeds

1/4 tsp udad dal

1 whole red chilly

pinch of hing

3 big garlic cloves chopped

5-7 vadis crushed(optional)


First wash the leafy vegetables properly.

Then chopped it finelly.

Now add all chopped vegggies and little water.

After it done it reduce volume now add salt .

Now coming to tempering.

The vadis what i mentioned its nothing but udad dal vadis

If u want to skip u can no issue.

But if u add this it gives more crunchy taste to the saaga.

For preparing vadis u soak 1 cup udad dal for 3 hrs.

Now make a smooth paste and take one spoon of each batter and put on a thin cloth.

Dry this for 3-4 days it is ready.

Heat oil ,add garlic when it turns golden add crushed vadis.

Now add rest ingredients.

Add the tadka to the leafy veg.

Have this Saaga with rice and dal.

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