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Tomato Kapda


My daughter n hubby went to water park…I could not join them as I was carrying

They left by morning n whole day left out so thinking to prepare this super yummy Odiya     snack Tomato Rice Cracker…

When my parents visited Jakarta…my mom taught me this as we loved this to hv in tea time but it is so delicate to carry in huge amount to other country…so go for this solution to prepare in home itself

Preparation Time 15 min
Frying Time           2 min
Baking Time          3 min
Soaking Time        4 hrs


1 cup parboiled rice
4 med tomatoes
2 tbsp seasame  seeds
2 tbsp chopped coriander leaves
1 tsp red chilli powder
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
Water to make batter
Salt to taste

Oil to spread

3 same size plates
Big cotton cloth to dry these crackers



First soak rice for 4 hrs.
Then add green chilli n tomato to the soaked rice n make a smooth batter.

Add other ingredients  to this…the batter is running consistency like raw dosa

Now boil water in a big vessel,point to be noted the upper part of vessel should  be sane size of plates so that it easily placed on top

Now grease oil on all plates n take a big spoon of batter n spread on plate.

When steamer is sufficiently hot pm a e this plate carefully n cover the lid.

Meanwhile prepare for rest two plates…wait for 1 min.

Remove the lid n remove hot plate from steamer.

Place one more plate on steamer.

Meanwhile make the hot plate to cool down n remove the Kapda slowly n keep on a big plate…

Continue this process till all batter is over

Now spread a big cotton cloth n place these Kapda…dry this under hot Sun or under fan…

When it is dried up…it automatically leaves the cloth n rises up.

Remove from cloth n store in an air tight container.

U can store this for months…

U can deep fry or bake it on gas top or use microwave n hv this crunchy crackers in ur free time…

Baked Version



When hot plate is cooled down remove the Kapda…otherwise there are chances to get cracks on sides

U can place 10 to 12 Kapda on a big plate n dry at a time

Fully grease the plates otherwise Kapda are lil difficult to remove from plate

There should be sufficient water in steamer

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